Joint Colloquium Distinguished Lecture Series

Broadcasting on Trees: Beliefs, Evolution and Reconstruction

photo of Elchanan Mossel Wednesday, November 15th

Elchanan Mossel
Assistant Professor of Statistics, UC Berkeley


Broadcasting processes on trees play a fundamental role in various algorithmic inference problems including: The reconstruction of evolutionary trees in biology, the reconstruction of language evolution in linguistics, network tomography and in the analysis of message passing algorithms such as Belief Propagation and Warning Propagation.

In the talk I will survey several theoretical and applied developments in this area obtained using and extending techniques from discrete probabilityand statistical physics.


Elchanan Mossel is from Jerusalem where he earned his PhD in Mathematics at the Hebrew University under Prof. Yuval Peres. He was a post-doc with the Theory Group at Microsoft Research and a Miller fellow in Statistics and Computer Science at Berkeley. His research Interests include Applied Probability, Discrete Fourier analysis, Markov Chains, Markov Random Fields, Learning, Social Choice and Phylogeny.

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