EECS Joint Colloquium Distinguished Lecture Series

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
306 Soda Hall, Hewlett-Packard Auditorium
4:00 - 5:00 pm

Dr. Anant Jhingran

Director, Computer Science Software
IBM Almaden Research Center


Global Technology Outlook and its Implications to Data Management




Every year, IBM Research does a Global Technology Outlook for the corporation that projects trends in technology and the IT business. This year we have emphasized web services and virtualization, reliability and security imperatives, and implications of "googlization" of information mining. I will spend 1/2 hr on a few of these broad trends, and then another 1/2 hr on what we see happening in the data management arena. In particular, XML-ization of databases, the convergence of search and SQL metaphor, and strong privacy/security requirements on information integration will drive considerable technology development in the data management arena.


Dr. Anant Jhingran is the director of Computer Science at the IBM Almaden Research Center. He manages more than 150 researchers dedicated to advancing technology across foundations, software and services. Prior to joining Almaden Research, Dr. Jhingran was senior manager for e-Commerce and Data Management at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center. He received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1990.