Center for Intelligent Systems Seminar

The CIS seminars are a forum for weekly talks about all areas of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. If you'd like to suggest a speaker, or to give a talk, then please contact Charles Sutton.

When is it?4:00 pm on Thursday as announced
Where is it?405 Soda Hall, UC Berkeley
Is there a mailing list?Yes! Join the cis-seminar list on the Sympa mailing list server

FALL 2009 Schedule

Jan 29 Tom Dean
Escaping the Lure of the Retinotopic Map
and Lifting Meaning from the Shadows Cast on the Walls of Plato's Cave
Feb 12 Katherine Heller
University of Cambridge
Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering
Feb 19 Craig Boutilier
University of Toronto and CombineNet, Inc.
Automated Channel Abstraction for Advertising Auctions
Feb 26 Jenn Wortman
University of Pennsylvania
Learning from Collective Preferences, Behavior, and Beliefs
Mar 5 Tony Jebara
Columbia University
Clustering by Matching and Maximizing Relative Margin
Mar 12 Alex Smola
Yahoo! Research
Hilbert Space Methods for Distributions
Apr 9 Mehryar Mohri
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Learning with imperfect data
Apr 16 Ofer Dekel
Microsoft Research
Vox Populi: Learning from a Crowd
Apr 23 Ariadna Quattoni
An Efficient Method for Large-Scale Multi-task Learning: An Application to Image Classification
Apr 30 Constantine Caramanis
UT Austin
Robust Optimization and Regularization

The schedules from previous semesters are also available.