Center for Intelligent Systems Seminar (CS298-10)

FALL 2008 Schedule

Coordinated by: Charles Sutton

Sept 25 Jitendra Malik
Dan Klein
UC Berkeley
Two half-hour talks about the current research in their groups.
Oct 2
in 306 Soda
Eugene Charniak
Brown University
Statistical Parsing Fifteen Years Later
Oct 9
in 306 Soda
Eugene Charniak
Brown University
EM Works for Pronoun-Anaphora Resolution
Oct 16 Rich Zemel
University of Toronto
Learning image segmentation and recognition with weakly labeled data
Oct 23 Ambuj Tewari
Toyota Technological Institute
On the Complexity of Linear Prediction: Risk Bounds, Margin Bounds, and Regularization
Oct 30 Simon Lacoste-Julien
UC Berkeley
Discriminative Methods with Structure (Dissertation Talk)
Nov 6
in Soda 306
Moises Goldszmidt
Microsoft Research
Predicting performance problems in data centers
Nov 12
William Provancher
University of Utah
Communicating direction via tactile feedback
Nov 13 Russ Tedrake
Optimizing Locomotion: Learning Control at Intermediate Reynolds Number
Nov 27 Thanksgiving
Dec 4 Tamir Hazan
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

SPRING 2008 Schedule

Coordinated by: Sasha Rakhlin

Jan 24 Isabelle Guyon
Causation and Prediction Challenge
Feb 07 Sylvain Arlot
Université Paris-Sud
V-fold penalization: an alternative to V-fold cross-validation
Feb 14 Susan Holmes
Stanford University
Horseshoes and Dichotomies: Finding the hidden variables
Feb 19 Sridhar Mahadevan
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Representation Discovery Using Harmonic Analysis
Feb 28 Michael Bowling
University of Alberta
AI After Dark: Computers Playing Poker
Mar 06 Peter Grunwald
CWI Amsterdam
Suboptimality of Bayesian Inference When the Model Is Wrong
Mar 27 Spring Break
Apr 03 Hang Li
Microsoft Research
Learning to Rank - From Pairwise Approach to Listwise Approach
Apr 10 Eyal Amir
Reinventing Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning
Apr 17 Olivier Chapelle
Yahoo! Research
Optimization techniques for Support Vector Machines
Apr 24 Sanjoy Dasgupta
Random Projection Trees and Low Dimensional Manifolds
May 01 Elad Hazan
IBM Research, Almaden
Adaptive Algorithms for Online Convex Optimization
May 08 Andrew Y. Ng
Stanford University
STAIR: The STanford Artificial Intelligence Robot project
May 15 Mark Johnson
Brown University
Learning Rules with Adaptor Grammars
May 29 Taesup Moon
Stanford University
Discrete Denoising with Shifts

 FALL 2007 Schedule

Oct 04 Andrew Barron and Cong Huang
Yale University
A simple algorithm for fast and accurate L1-penalized least squares
Oct 11 Shahar Mendelson
Australian National University and Technion
Reconstruction and subgaussian processes
Oct 18 Phil Long
Google Research
Boosting the Area Under the ROC Curve
Oct 25 Ambuj Tewari
UC Berkeley
Low Regret Algorithms for Multi-armed Bandits and MDPs
Nov 1 Stuart Russell
UC Berkeley
State estimation for neurocritical care patients
Nov 8 Guy Lebanon
Purdue University
Sequential Document Visualization
Nov 15 Gal Elidan
Stanford University
Learning Bounded Treewidth Bayesian Networks
Nov 22 Thanksgiving
Nov 29 Francis Bach
Ecole Normale Superieure / INRIA
Consistency of the group Lasso and multiple kernel learning

Spring 2007

Coordinated by: Fei Sha on behalf of Stuart Russell

May 17
405 Soda
XuanLong Nguyen
UC Berkeley
Surrogate loss functions, divergences and decentralized detection
May 10 Barbara Engelhardt
UC Berkeley
Predicting protetin molecular function
May 3 Pieter Abbeel
Apprenticeship learning for robotic control, with application to autonomous helicopter flight
April 19 Eric Xing
Statistical network analysis and inference: methods and applications
April 12 Vladimir Koltchinksii
Georgia Tech
Oracle inequalities in sparse learning problems
March 22 Sven Koenig
U. of Southern California
Market Mechanisms for Agent Coordination
March 15 Gilles Blanchard
Fraunhofer FIRST (IDA)
Occam's Hammer: a common perspective over randomized estimation and FDR control in multiple testing
March 1 Brent Gillespie
U. of Michigan
Care and Feeding of the Internal Model
Feb. 22 Yun Song
UC (Davis)
TBA (This is a faculty candidate talk. Location in 306 Soda)
Feb. 15 Rodrigo de Salvo Braz
First-order Probabilistic Inference
Feb. 8 Seyoung Kim
Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes for modeling fMRI brain activation patterns
Feb. 1 Ofer Dekel
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Learning multiple online tasks with a global objective

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Ken Goldberg's Research Group.
Tom Griffiths's Computational Cognitive Science Lab
Marti Hearst's Research Group.
Michael Jordan's Research Group.
Dan Klein's Research Group.
Computer Vision Group, led by Jitendra Malik and David Forsyth.
Speech Group in ICSI, led by Nelson Morgan.
RUGS, Stuart Russell's research group.
Shankar Sastry's Research Group.
Martin J. Wainwright's Research Group
Robert Wilensky's Research Group.
Lotfi Zadeh's Research Group.
RAD Lab: Reliable Adaptive Distributed systems Laboratory
UCB Robotics and Intelligent Machines Lab.

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