EECS Reader Rules

  1. You are required to fill out a reader time card each month. These cards are located in 367 Soda Hall.

  2. You must have your time cards signed by the Professor in charge of the course. Cards may not be signed by your appointed TA.

  3. Please return your completed cards to the payroll department in 367 Soda Hall by the 25th of each month. Place the cards in the basket at the payroll counter.

    • If the 25th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, please turn in your cards the Friday before the original deadline.
    • If your time card is turned in by the deadline, you will receive a check on the 8th of each month.
    • During Christmas shutdown, the deadline will be changed. We will post the changes in December.
    • If the deadline is missed, you will receive your check either on the 16th, 23rd, or 1st of the month as deadlines permit.

  4. Your assigned hours will be adjusted during 5th week enrollment. In most cases, hours are reduced because the formula is based on the number of students per class.

  5. If you have any questions regarding your pay, please feel free to call 642-0544 or send e-mail to juliea@eecs

We Hope You Enjoy Working For EECS!
Julie Aquino