Payroll & Benefits

Please direct questions to:

Rebecca Davis
395 Soda Hall
(510) 642-0544
Office hours: M-F 7:30a.m.- 4:00p.m.

Time Sheets

Hourly Academic Student Employees

Hourly Exempt student employees, such as Readers and Tutors, use the paper time sheets provided by CSS Team 2/ERSO:

Please turn in completed and signed time sheets to the Payroll Dropbox outside 197M Cory Hall.

Staff Employees

Exempt and Non-Exempt employees and Student Assistants use the campus CalTime Reporting System.

Employees in non-exempt positions (hourly) accrue vacation leave and sick leave depending on percentage of appointment and time worked, and/or duration of appointment. They can earn overtime and may be paid for it or take compensatory time. Time off and time worked are recorded to the nearest quarter hour.

Employees in exempt positions (salaried) accrue vacation and sick leave; however, they do not earn overtime or compensatory time. Time off and time worked are recorded in whole-day increments for purposes of pay. A "whole day" may be less than eight hours if an employee's appointment is less than 100% time.


For lost or stolen paychecks, and duplicate W2 forms call 642-1336, or go to 2195 Hearst Ave #120 between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm.