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Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Location: 2nd floor, Cory Hall

You are cordially invited to our open house and poster session from 2pm-5pm in 264 Cory Hall. Meet with faculty and graduate students and learn more about our current research topics. Click here for a list of poster titles and abstracts.

The Wireless Foundations research center our goal is to advance the foundations of communication systems with a specific focus on determining the architectural principles for next generation wireless technologies. We believe highly inter-disciplinary research across signal processing, communications, game theory, and networking will result in innovative solutions in the future. In our search for fundamental insights and better theories for wireless systems, we encounter many previously formulated open problems in network information theory (e.g. non-degraded broadcast channels, relay channels, two-way channels, etc.) that have evaded the community's grasp. By taking a fresh perspective on problems and formulating them in a different way, it is possible to get further understanding while increasing the relevance of the results to real wireless systems.

Intellectually, we serve as the "theory and algorithms" foundry for the work that occurs at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center and maintain synergistic relationships with CITRIS and the system-level wireless projects on campus. We also have a close collaboration with the faculty at Boalt law school regarding regulatory and policy issues.