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Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Location: 410 Soda hall

Faculty: Randy Katz, David Culler and Seth Sanders

LoCal (A Network Architecture for Localized Electrical Energy Reduction, Generation and Sharing) investigates Information Age approaches for managing society's most limited resource: energy.

The world's electric grids are an engineering wonder of last century's physical age, each with a vast geographic reach, epitomized by a highly centralized, synchronized, and reliable distribution tree that allows electric power to be consumed without concern for its source. But rapidly changing energy demands, incorporation of non-dispatchable renewable sources, and the need to proactively manage load, have pushed this aging marvel to its limit.

As the rise in greenhouse gases threatens civilization, it is time to examine how pervasive information can fundamentally change the nature of energy production, distribution and use. Taking guidance from the design principles of the dominant triumph of the cyber age, the Internet, we investigate how to design an essentially more scalable, flexible and resilient electric power infrastructure-one that encourages efficient use, integrates local generation, and manages demand through omnipresent awareness of energy availability and use over time. The crucial insight is to integrate information exchange everywhere that power is transferred.

Poster Session: