Berkeley Institute of Design logo Berkeley Institute of Design

Location: 354 and 360 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Please come join us in our lab for a poster session where we will share with you our work in:

  • health care

  • energy

  • collaboration tools creativity and design printable, flexible mechatronics visualization mobile devices education technologies for rural/developing countries

The Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD) fosters a deeply interdisciplinary approach to the design and realization of rich, interactive environments which are shaped by the human activities they support. Our lab acknowledges that design in an era of ubiquitous technologies requires, in addition to technological advances, a deep understanding of society and the behavior technology is designed to enhance. As such, our faculty and graduate students come from a wide variety of backgrounds including electrical engineering, computer science, bioengineering, art practice, mechanical engineering, and education. Our lab space, situated in rooms 354 and 360 Hearst Memorial Mining Building, has been outfitted and is continually evolving to help foster interdisciplinary design.