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BEARS 2004

Title:  Distributed Signal Processing for Sensor Networks - Martin Vetterli

A sensor network is a spatio-temporal sampling device with a wireless communications infrastructure. In this talk, after a short overview of the Center on Mobile Information and Communication Systems
(, we will address the following questions:

1. The spatio-temporal structure of distributed signals, with an emphasis on the physics behind the signals, and results on sampling
2. The interaction of distributed source compression and transmission with a particular focus on joint source-channel coding
3. Some applications in environmental monitoring, like for example tomographic measurments

This is joint work with T.Ajdler, B.Beferull-Lozano, R.Cristescu, H.Dubois-Ferriere, R.Konsbruck (EPFL), P.L.Dragotti (Imperial) and M.Gastpar (UC Berkeley). The work is sponsored by the Center on Mobile Information and Communication Systems (, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Title:   How Can Theorists and Implementers Work Together in
Developing Future Wireless Systems? - Bob Broderson

As the complexity of wireless systems increase, the need for a closer interaction between those focused  on theory and those trying to implement these new approaches becomes ever more critical. Some examples of future systems will be described that will demonstrate this need, along with "open questions" that have arisen.

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