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Overlays and Active Services for Internetworked Storage (OASIS) Open House
Thursday, Feb. 10, 2:00 - 4:00pm, 440 Soda Hall











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BEARS 2004

Our project open house will include student posters on the following topics as well as a demonstration of the programmable network element hardware we have been experimenting with:

  • "Instrumenting 3 Tier Systems for Performance and Reliability" ­ George Porter
  • "Predicting PNE Performance from RouterVM Specifications" ­ Mel Tsai
  • "Observe-Analyze-Act Paradigm for Storage System Optimization" ­ Yin Li
  • "Multimatch Classification Using SRAM and TCAM" ­ Fang Yu
  • "Towards More Dynamic Internet Routing" ­ Mukund Seshadri
  • "Binder: Extrusion-based Break-in Detection" ­ Wedong Cui
  • "Active Probing for Available Bandwidth Detection" ­ Sridhar Machiraju

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