Leaves of Absence/Sabbatical leaves CHART III

Rev. 7/1/96

Sabbatical Leave Credit for Academic-Year and Fiscal-Year Appointees

Semester System

Regular Sabbatical (Off-Campus)


Qualifying Service Sabbatical Leave Credit


1 Semester or                2 Semesters                  

(6 Months*)                  (or** 1 Year*)


4 Semesters or 2 Years                                      .44 Salary

5 Semesters or 2 1/2 Years                                 .56 Salary

6 Semesters or 3 Years                                      .67 Salary

7 Semesters or 3 1/2 Years                                 .78 Salary

8 Semesters or 4 Years                                      .89 Salary or                 .44 Salary

9 Semesters or 4 1/2 Years                                 100% Salary or             .50 Salary

10 Semesters or 5 Years                                                                         .56 Salary

11 Semesters or 5 1/2 Years                                                                   .61 Salary

12 Semesters or 6 Years                                                                         .67 Salary

14 Semesters or 7 Years                                                                         .78 Salary

16 Semesters or 8 Years                                                                         .89 Salary

18 Semesters or 9 Years                                                                         100% Salary


* Fiscal-year appointees accrue sabbatical leave in half-yearly intervals, excluding periods of leave of absence without salary. Six month or 1 year sabbatical leave credits apply to fiscal-year appointees only.


** Salary is an average which may be paid unequally in different terms of leave.



740-94 Application for Sabbatical Leave


An application for sabbatical leave shall be submitted through appropriate channels to the Chancellor. Sabbatical leaves are not granted as a matter of individual right. Leaves are accorded to individuals in good standing to enable them to further their research or other creative activities and in doing so, to enhance their service to the University. The application form shall be accompanied by a statement providing in detail the following information:

  1. A brief history of the project, from inception through progress to date and projection as to completion date. This history shall include a description of the applicant’s preparation and any significant contributions already made in the field of activity with which the project is concerned.
  2. Significance of the project as a contribution to knowledge, to art, to a particular profession, or as an expected contribution to the applicant’s

increased effectiveness as a teacher and scholar.

  1. Name(s) of the location(s) or institution(s) where the project will be carried out, and the names of colleagues, if any, with whom it will be conducted.
  2. Assurances of cooperation, or authorization to conduct the project, received from individuals, institutions, or agencies.
  3. Description of all financial support expected during the sabbatical leave for professional activities, except as provided in APM - 025 and APM - 670. Description of any fellowship, grant and/or government-sponsored exchange lectureship. Description of any proposed arrangement under which the appointee would receive additional salary for research in accordance with APM - 740-18-c, any associated intellectual property-related issues, and actions proposed to assure that all obligations under the University intellectual property policies are preserved.


740-97 Report of Results from a Sabbatical Leave


Within ninety calendar days following return from leave, the recipient of a sabbatical leave shall submit to the Chancellor a concise report of the results of the leave, to include the following:


  1. Account of activities during the leave, including travel itineraries, institutions and locations visited, persons with whom there was extensive consultation or collaboration, and any formal lectures delivered.
  2. Statement of progress made on the project as proposed in the application.
  3. Explanation of any significant changes from the initial approved proposal.
  4. Appraisal of the relationship between the results anticipated in the leave project statement and those actually achieved
  5. Summary of any intellectual property issues.
  6. Statement of future activity related to the project, including plans for completion of the project and publication of results.


The report shall become a part of the supporting materials submitted with any proposal for subsequent promotion or merit increase.