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The paper authored by EECS grad students Ruoxi Jia, Ming Jin and Prof. Costas Spanos was featured in a MIT Technology Review article titled “ An Indoor Positioning System Based On Echolocation”. Satellite-based global positioning systems have revolutionized the way humans interact with our planet but a serious weakness is that GPS doesn’t work indoors. Ruoxi, Ming and Prof. Spanos have developed a simple and inexpensive mechanism that can identify different rooms based on a relatively small dataset gathered in advance.
August 20

EECS alumnus Kuang Chen (Ph.D. ’11, advisor Profs. Joseph Hellerstein and Tapin Parikh) has been named in MIT Technology Review’s 2014 Innovators Under 35 list. Kuang’s research focuses on data management systems and developed the technology to capture paper-bound data in countries that had yet to fully harness the power of computing. He founded a company called Captricity that uses a combination of computing and brainpower to read information on paper forms dozens of times faster and more cost-effectively. More>>
August 20

EECS alumnus Kurtis Heimerl (Ph.D. ’13, advisor Prof. Eric Brewer) has been named in MIT Technology Review’s 2014 Innovators Under 35 list. Kurtis, who is now a post-doc in the TIER lab focused on how to provide cellular communications to some of the estimated 1 billion people worldwide who live outside the range of cellular carriers. Kurtis developed “The Village Base Station” using an open-source technology to implement a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) base station for providing off the grid cellular coverage that can be used for communities and villages outside the range of cellular carriers.
Blum Center for Developing Economies article
August 20

" Quantifying Eventual Consistency with PBS", a paper written by EECS Grad Students Peter Bailis and Shivaram Venkataraman, with their advisors Michael Franklin, Joseph Hellerstein and Ion Stoica, has been published as a "Research Highlight" selection in this month's Communications of the ACM. Since 2007 the CACM has published selected papers appearing in ACM conferences that represent significant advances in the field. These papers are chosen by an ACM Committee and are typically expanded to appeal to the broader CACM readership. The resulting article is preceded by a "Technical Perspective" written by an expert in the field, in this case, Philip Bernstein, a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research.
August 18

The research of Alexei Efros was featured in a UC Newscenter article titled “ New tool makes a single picture worth a thousand – and more – images”. Prof. Efros, who is a member of the Visual Computing Lab, and his research team have developed a new software that seeks to tame the vast amount of visual data in the world by generating a single photo that can represent massive clusters of images. This research was presented at the 2014 SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver, Canada.
August 18

EECS graduate student Kun (Linda) Li (advisor Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain) has been named recipient of the Lam Research Graduate Fellowship. This prestigious award is a key component of the continuing partnership between UC Berkeley and Lam Research.
August 8

An article titled “RISC-V: An Open Standard for SoCs” written by Krste Asanović and David Patterson is in today’s issue of EE Times. Companies with successful instruction set architectures (ISAs) like ARM, IBM, Intel, and MIPS have patents on quirks of their ISAs, which prevent others from using them without licenses that academia and many small companies can't afford. The article states the case for having open ISAs, and that there is no good technical reason for the lack of free, open ISAs.
August 7

Prof. Emeritus Arthur Bergen passed away on Saturday July 19 in Oakland, after a brief bout with kidney disease, at the age of 91. Prof. Bergen joined the EECS faculty in 1958, bringing distinction to our department in the area of power systems. He was awarded the Berkeley Citation in 1991 for service to the University well above and beyond the call of duty, including 10 years as Associate Dean in the College of Engineering. His family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the East Bay Regional Park Trail Maintenance Fund. Checks can be made out to: EBRPD-Ivan Dickson Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program Fund, 2950 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, CA 94605. We will share information regarding his memorial service when it becomes available. More>>
July 29

Michael Jordan has been awarded the 2015 Rumelhart Prize for Cognitive Science. This award is a prestigious honor reserved for those who have made fundamental contributions to the theoretical foundations of human cognition. Prof. Jordan is recognized for his theoretical and experimental work in the field of human motor learning, and for his development of a wide range of new models and methods in the field of statistical machine learning. His research interests also address problems in distributed computing systems, natural language processing, signal processing and statistical genetics. More>>
July 28

The research work of Brian Barsky was featured in a MIT Technology Review article titled “ Prototype Display Lets You Say Goodbye to Reading Glasses”. Prof. Barsky, in collaboration with researchers from MIT and Microsoft are developing a technology that uses algorithms to alter an image on a display based on a person’s glasses prescription to anticipate and adjust images beforehand so that what you see appears clear. Prof. Barsky was also featured in a CBS News online article and video titled "New technology could help farsighted computer users see without glasses". Also in the BBC News, "Display screen technology could correct vision problems".
July 24

Post doc Dr. Lei Tian, working with Prof. Laura Waller won the Best Overall Paper Award at the Optical Society (OSA) Imaging Systems Conference last week. The paper, titled Multiplexed coded illumination in Fourier Ptychography was on a collaborative project with Prof. Waller, Prof. Kannan Ramchandran and his postdoc Simon Li.
July 23

David E. Culler has ended his two year term as the EECS Chair, 2012-2014, and his four year term as CS Division Chair, 2010-2014. As a world leader in sensor networks, he will continue to focus on his research endeavors related to sustainable energy networks. He is currently the i4Energy Faculty Director.
July 1

Michael J. Franklin is the newly appointed Chair of the Computer Science Division and Associate Chair of the EECS Department. He holds the Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science and also serves as Director of the Algorithms, Machines and People Lab (AMPLab), the leading academic research lab in Big Data. He is a pioneer in distributed database and data management technologies and has done influential work in areas such as stream-processing, internet of things, and hybrid crowd/cloud computing systems. Professor Franklin was founder and CTO of Truviso, a real-time data analytics company acquired by Cisco Systems. He is an ACM Fellow and two-time winner of the ACM SIGMOD Test of Time Award (2013 and 2004). His recent awards include the Best Paper awards at ICDE 2013 and NSDI 2012, a "Best of VLDB 2012" selection, two CACM Research Highlights selections, and the Outstanding Advisor Award from the Computer Science Graduate Student Association at Berkeley.
July 1

Tsu-Jae King Liu is the newly appointed Chair of the EECS Department. Professor King Liu is a visionary and innovator in the field of semiconductor devices and process technology and the pre-eminent expert worldwide on silicon-germanium thin films and their device applications. Most recently, she has received the UC Berkeley Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Award (2010), the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award for contributions to nanoscale MOS transistors, memory devices, and MEMs devices (2010), the Electrochemical Society Thomas D. Callinan Award (2011), the Intel Outstanding Researcher in Nanotechnology Award (2012), and the SIA University Researcher Award (2014). She served as Associate Dean for Research of the UCB College of Engineering from 2008-2012 and also served as Faculty Director of the Marvell Nanofabrication Laboratory in 2012. She is the Conexant Systems Distinguished Professor.
July 1

David Culler and PlanetLab (an open platform for developing, deploying and accessing planetary-scale services) are the winners of the 2014 USENIX Software Tools User Group (STUG) Award! This award was publicly announced today during the opening remarks of the 2014 USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Philadelphia. It recognizes significant contributions to the community that reflect the spirit and character demonstrated by those who came together in the STUG. Recipients of the annual STUG award conspicuously exhibit a contribution to the reusable code-base available to all and/or the provision of a significant enabling technology to users in a widely available form. More>>
June 19

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Memorial Service
Song Sok, L&S Computer Science major
Saturday August 30th, 10:00 a.m.
1919 Hancock Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Song's family will hold a private ceremony in Los Angeles and invites Song's friends to attend.

Friday, August 22

Dissertation Talk:Modeling and Applications of Highly-Scaled Gravure Printing
Rungrot Kitsomboonloha
11 a.m.-12 p.m., 540AB DOP Center Cory Hall

Wednesday, August 27

BISC Roundtable: Data Science in Cyber-Biological Ecosystems
Professor Achim Karduck, Furtwangen University, Germany
1-2 p.m., 443 Soda Hall

Tuesday, September 2

BSAC Technology Seminar - Photonic Microsensors for Monitoring Cardiovascular Parameters
Dr. Andreas Seifert, University of Freiburg, Dept. of Microsystems Engineering - IMTEK
12:30-1:30 p.m., 540 Cory Hall

Cloudera Info Session
5-8 p.m., Hogan Room/521 Cory Hall

Wednesday, September 3

Cisco Info Session
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Thursday, September 4

Evernote Tech Talk
6-8:30 p.m., Hogan Room/521 Cory Hall

Monday, September 8

Facebook Info Session
6-9 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Tuesday, September 9

NVIDIA Tech Talk
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Wednesday, September 10

Twitter Info Session
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Thursday, September 11

Groupon Info Session
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Friday, September 12

Visa Tech Talk
5:30-8 p.m., Hogan Room/521 Cory Hall

Monday, September 15

Qualcomm Info Session
6:30-7:30 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall