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The paper titled “ Analyzing Log Analysis: An Empirical Study of User Log Mining” written by S. Alspaugh, Beidi Chen, Jessica Lin, Archana Ganapathi, Marti Hearst and Randy Katz has been chosen “Best Student Paper” at USENIX (The Advanced Computing Systems Association) LISA 2014. This conference recognizes the overlap and differences between traditional and modern IT operations and engineering, and has developed a highly-curated program around 5 key topics: Systems Engineering, Security, Culture, DevOps, and Monitoring/Metrics. More>>
November 20

The paper titled “ Eyeglasses-free Display: Towards Correcting Visual Aberrations with Computational Light Field Displays” written by EECS alumnus Fu-Chung Huang, Gordon Wetzstein, Brian Barsky and Ramesh Raskar has been named “ World Changing Ideas 2014” by Scientific American. The magazine annually choses 10 problem-solving, planet-improving, lifesaving advances set to drive progress in the years ahead.
November 20

The paper titled “ Versatile Low Power Media Access for Wireless Sensor Networks” written by Joseph Polastre, Jason Hill, and David Culler in 2004 has been chosen to receive the “Test of Time” award at the 12th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2014). This conference introduces a highly selective, single-track forum for research on systems issues of networked sensing and actuation, broadly defined.
November 18

Tsu-Jae King Liu has been selected to receive the University Research Award by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) for excellence in semiconductor technology. The SIA -- in consultation with the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) commends accomplished researchers for their roles in their university research engine that has made the U.S. the cradle of discovery and technology development. Prof. King Liu is being honored for contributions and achievements in technology research.
November 13

EECS staff member Yang (Linda) Huang's debut novel Living Treasures was published in Oct. 2014 and received critical acclaim. San Francisco Book Review calls it "endearing, extraordinarily moving, and its timely message about life makes it a must read for young and old readers alike." Jiayu Jeng, the KTSF Channel 26 Talk Tonight host, says, "Living Treasures is a book that breaks your heart, and then mends it with hope. Best book I've read this year." Foreword Reviews chose Living Treasures as one of the top novels of 2014, featuring characters who have lived through some rough patches in our world’s history. More>>
November 5

The National Science Foundation will be honoring EECS graduate student, Veteran and NSF Graduate Fellowship Recipient Bradley Wheeler on Wednesday, November 5 at the NSF headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The ceremony will highlight 11 Veterans including Bradley and their contributions to STEM fields. The ceremony will be followed by a poster session. Both the ceremony and poster session are open to the public. University officials, alumni, and affiliates that may be in the DC area are invited to attend.
November 5

Laura Waller is among 18 young scientists and engineers from universities across the country named as 2014 recipients of the Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering. The Packard Foundation established the Fellowships program in 1988 to provide early-career scientists with flexible funding and the freedom to take risks and explore new frontiers in their fields. Each Fellow will receive an unrestricted grant of $875,000 over five years to pursue his/her research. More>>
October 27

Profs. Michael Lustig and Ben Recht have been selected to receive 2014 Okawa Foundation Research Grants. This award recognizes promising young faculty members in the fields of information and telecommunications. Profs. Lustig and Recht continue a line of distinguished faculty from Berkeley EECS who have received this award. To see the list by year please go to
October 27

Lars Rohrbach, Manager of the Infrastructure Development and Support Group (IDSG), is the winner of the 2014 Wil Zeilinger Staff Excellence Award. The Zeilinger Award honors a staff member of the EECS department or ERSO who exemplifies a spirit of service cheerfully given for the general good.
October 9

Laura Waller is among a few highly talented researchers who have been selected to each receive $1.5 million over the next five years from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, as part of the foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery Initiative. This initiative is committed to enabling new types of scientific breakthroughs by supporting interdisciplinary, data-driven researchers. Prof. Waller’s research involves simultaneous design of optical systems and computational algorithms for creating microscopes that employ simple hardware, yet achieve contrast modes not otherwise possible.
UCB News Center article
October 2

The National Institutes of Health announced its first research grants through President Barack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative, including three awards to the University of California, Berkeley, totaling nearly $7.2 million over three years. These initial awards are part of a 12-year scientific plan focused on developing the tools and technologies needed to make the next leap in understanding the brain. Michel Maharbiz’ proposal on the use of ultrasound to create ‘waveguides’ that can steer light below the surface of the cortex, stimulating photoswitches that enable the study of neurotransmitters and was chosen with 5 other proposals. More>>
October 1

The EECS Department is proud to congratulate three outstanding Masters students - Matthew Fong (5th Year MS), Henry Lu (5th Year MS), and Johanna Ye (M.Eng.) on joining the class of 2015 Siebel Scholars. The Siebel Scholars program was established by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation in 2000 to recognize the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, and bioengineering. All UC Berkeley scholars were honored at a lunch with Tom Siebel and the Dean of the College of Engineering, Shankar Sastry.
September 19

Martin Wainwright has been awarded the COPSS (Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies) Presidents’ Award, at the Joint Statistical Meetings earlier this month. This award is considered to be the Nobel Prize of Statistics, a most prestigious award for young researchers in Statistics. More>>
August 28

Dan Garcia was interviewed for an article in the Center for Digital Education online publication titled “ California Shores up Support for Computer Science Education”. Lawmakers and educators are taking steps to make computer science now count toward high school graduation requirements for math and science.
August 28

EECS alumnus Kuang Chen (Ph.D. ’11, advisor Profs. Joseph Hellerstein and Tapin Parikh) has been named in MIT Technology Review’s 2014 Innovators Under 35 list. Kuang’s research focuses on data management systems and developed the technology to capture paper-bound data in countries that had yet to fully harness the power of computing. He founded a company called Captricity that uses a combination of computing and brainpower to read information on paper forms dozens of times faster and more cost-effectively. More>>
August 20

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Friday, November 21

Baidu Research Recruiting Event
12-4 p.m., 306 Soda Hall, HP Auditorium Soda Hall

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar, EE298-12
Jeremy Smith
1-2 p.m., 521 Cory, The Hogan Room Cory Hall

Saturday, November 22

“Bridging Tech and Social Good” (presented by Cal Blueprint)
6-9 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Monday, November 24

Statistical and Computational Guarantees for the EM algorithm
Sivaraman Balakrishnan, EECS, UC Berkeley
3-4 p.m., 521 Cory Hall

Tuesday, November 25

BSAC Technology Seminar - Surface Tension Is Fair Game in Micro-Engineering: Let's Play!
Prof. Chang-Jin Kim, UCLA, Dep. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
12:30-1:30 p.m., 540 Cory Hall Cory Hall

Monthly Undergrad Social
2-3 p.m., Wozniak Lounge Soda Hall

EECS Honors Program Info Session
3-3:30 p.m., 380 Soda Hall

Tuesday, December 2

Programming Languages Seminar: Programming Language Technology for the Sciences
Emery Berger, UMass
12:30-1:30 p.m., 310 Soda Hall

Friday, December 5

From the Lab to the Building: Multiscale Design
Prof. M. Paz Gutierrez, UC Berkeley, Architecture
2-3 p.m., 390 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

Tuesday, January 20

Dropbox Info Session
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Wednesday, January 21

Evernote Info Sesison
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall

Thursday, January 22

A9 Info Session
5-8 p.m., Wozniak Lounge/430/438 Soda Hall